12 10/2023

Indo Canadian Relationship

Indo Canadian Relationship

The Indo-Canadian relationship took a turn for the worse after Canada expelled a high-raked Indian diplomat. This was caused because of a statement by Trudeau where he linked the Indian government to the killing of a Canadian Citizen. The Indian government counterattacked the Canadian government by expelling the Canadian diplomats. Visa facilities to Canada were also suspended.

This crisis has filled the atmosphere with worry. The strained relationship between the two countries after the G20 summit hosted by India is worrisome. All this has only caused a mess in the bilateral relationship between the two countries.

India had thereafter asked the Canadian government to downsize their diplomatic staff in the country. This was to create a mutual presence considering the Canadian diplomat staff strength is higher in New Delhi. India had also asked Canada to take steps against the anti-Indian elements that are operating on its soil. S Jaishankar the external affairs minister has stated the need for the two governments to talk to each other to resolve the differences.

While the US has been asking the countries to sort out the issue bilaterally, Canada does seem to have an upper hand. There are two alternatives now for the Canadian government; Prime minister Trudeau needs to substantiate his statement legally or he should take back his accusation against India.

Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, has been maintaining silence on the issue during talks with the diplomatic channels. New Delhi is now waiting to see some legal proof and act upon it.

The Indian government’s response to the Canadian government’s statement was to expel an official representative of Canadian intelligence in India. Visa services for Canadian nationals were suspended. India has also asked for diplomatic party in the embassy as stated in the Vienna convention. The Indian reaction was a blow to Canada and Trudeau has stated that he does not want any escalation as Ottawa wants to have a strong diplomatic footprint with New Delhi.

Considering the strong ties between the US and Canada, the Indian government needs to take a step. It is indeed unfortunate that because of the extremists sheltering in Canada, the Indian students and the working Indian professionals need to suffer because of visa service suspension and the withdrawal of the diplomatic staff.

The move by Trudeau has cast a shadow on the ties between India and the US. This is the high time for both the governments to resolve the conflicts on the table and make the situation better between both of them else it might cause a rift in the bilateral ties between the two nations.

The relationship between India and Canada has always been peaceful, though there were small issues but this time the statement from the Canadian prime minister causes a big damage. It is only a wait-and-watch approach now on how this event will turn out.

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