Skilled Workerto Canada

Skilled Immigration categorises an applicant based upon their qualification and professional work experience which would certainly help them to choose the correct pathway to settle down in the first world country like; Canada. To settle down permanently in Canada, one should be skilled enough and have their occupation in demand to get the legal rights (Visa) to live and work with their immediate family members (Spouse and Children).

Further to this, an aspirant need to understand that why a first world country like Canada is welcoming skilled migrants from across the globe. How does it help Canada? How does it help in changing life of an aspirant at same time?

Why Canada need skilled immigrants?; To strengthen the economy of Canada, reunites families and of course helping the refugees to make Canada their home. Since the Express Entry program was started back in 2015 January, with the long term planning of strengthening their economy and to have adequate population by 2030 to live and serve to their economy as their 1/3 rd of population is going to be over aged and therefore the government has started it’s planning the way earlier, to supply an adequate manpower on yearly basis to serve the country. Canada has an aging population and low birth rate, which is why it is relying more on immigration to support its labour force and economic growth.

With over 100s of programs available in Canada, we would be happy to serve you with the best available options for you amongst the below listed, which could be one of the routes for you to get enter to Canada with valid rights.

Permanent Residency can be obtained through several ways but again it has been categorized in the listed below pathways:

  • Economic Pathways.
  • Work Permits and LMIA pathways.
  • Business & Start Up Visa Programs.
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