Family Visato Canada

CANADA is known as homes to the immigrants and their loved ones, one of the best routes to migrate or bring the family members in Canada through this particular class of visas; which are categorically divided into types of visas as per the case specific and the requirement. A Canadian PR or a Citizen can sponsor their immediate family members including a spouse, kids, and the parents to travel to Canada to spend quality time with their loved ones or to live permanently. This class of visas is the Pathway of Permanent Residency for a Spouse, Child, and the Parents, of a Canadian PR holder or a citizen.

Alternatively, the family visas allow children to study in Canadian schools or colleges and could be treated as local students whereas; this visa enable all family members including parents to avail the benefits of Canadian healthcare system whilst being in Canada.


The visa period could differ for each category so, the government fees and timelines. Let’s have a look on the visa subclass as per your need:

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