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When a student think of Study abroad, they think about the first world countries and out of few listed countries Australia stands on top in most of the student’s list when they have a planned future and skillset to make their future in Australia or New Zealand. Since, Australia is a big country and has many options to study and to settle permanently therefore, student choses Australian territory for their higher education. Not just only the standards of academic qualification, Australia is popular amongst the other English speaking countries for its multicultural environment, prestigious educational system and secured future post completion of qualification. Australian education is recognized globally and stands with high values in the global market. In comparison to other first world countries, Australian tuition fees are high, but the quality is assured to be the best in academics. As per the latest updates and development in the study permit program, government has made it more flexible for international students and their dependents as the number of grants have been increased since the borders have opened post pandemic.

If you were unsuccessful, you can still re-apply through us. Check out below tips to improve your application:

  • Make sure your application is complete and decision ready.
  • Strengthen your Genuine Temporary Entrant statement.
  • Remember to attach supporting documents or evidence.
  • Fraudulent documents will result in another refusal.
  • Ensure documents are translated if they’re not in English.
  • If you need to provide evidence of your financial capacity, make sure your financial evidence is credible and the funds are genuinely available.

Why Australia from Student point of view?

  • To have an access of high quality of education
  • Get post study working rights upon completion of studies.
  • Easiest way to earn more points for PR, by local studies and work experience.
  • Option to get permanent residency and the citizenship.
  • Facility to study in English and other international languages.
  • Multicultural & diverse society.
  • Opportunity to excel the career prospects.
  • Support yourself with an international dimensional standard.

Student visa (Subclass 500)

  • Visa Application fee: AUD $650 (Non-Refundable)
  • Processing Time - 05 days to 39 days

Subsequent Entrant Visa (Subclass 500):

If a student wish to bring their immediate family member who are in legal relationship like spouse or child etc. can be brought to Australia, then this visa helps in getting them enter Australia on an appropriate visa. However, the visa charges and the timelines will be separate and differ than main applicant. There would be a requirement to show the funds availability in support of your application to substantiate the evidence of financial stability.

The fees and timelines are as follows:

  • AUD $485 – Adult (18 years & above)
  • AUD $160 – Minor Dependent (Below 18 years)
  • Processing Time – 45 days till 90 days


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