An international student, who has completed a postgraduate study in Australia, which allow them to work locally up to four years. To comply with this visa category, student must have completed a Bachelor, Masters or a PHD program. This option works well for the aspirants who wish to remain in Australia on temporary basis and then to convert in permanent migration either via Points based skilled migration or via permanent employment visas.

The program needs a student who has recently completed an undergraduate, graduate or PhD program with the skillset or an occupation requires in Australian market. This visa allows an applicant to study, work and live in Australia with any sort of skillset or the relevancy of studies and work experience.

Eligibility & Benefits of this Program, one must:

To qualify and obtain a PGWP, applicant must:

  • Be under 50 years of age.
  • Hold an eligible visa to enter.
  • Be a recent student in Australia not outside 06 months.
  • Your education must be listed in CRICOS – Australia.
  • Not allowed to change the stream once applied.
  • Supply all necessary evidence to substantiate your eligibility.
  • This visa allows an applicant to stay up to 18 months usually but at present 24 months since Jul’21.
  • An applicant can bring the family with themselves.
  • Have an Education & Occupation relevant to each other and must be on occupation list.

The fees and timelines are as follows:

  • AUD $1730 – Applicant (Primary)
  • AUD $865 – Adult (18 years & above)
  • AUD $435 – Minor Dependent (Below 18 years)
  • Processing Time - 72 days till 13 months

However, this program can be applied in many ways as per the student’s requirement and eligibility such as:

  1. Temporary Graduate Visa (SC-485) Post Study Work Stream (02-04 yrs.)
  2. Temporary Graduate Visa (SC-485) Second Post Study Work Stream (01- 02 yrs.)
  3. Temporary Graduate Visa (SC-485) Replacement Stream (02-05 yrs.)

Subsequent Entrant Visa (Subclass 500):

If a student wish to bring their immediate family member who are in legal relationship like spouse or child etc. can be brought to Australia, then this visa helps in getting them enter Australia on an appropriate visa. However, the visa charges and the timelines will be separate and differ than main applicant. There would be a requirement to show the funds availability in support of your application to substantiate the evidence of financial stability.

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