It was really a fantastic roller coaster ride, my PR journey which I started by early 2020. I was working with oil and gas industry in Abu Dhabi and I always wanted to move to some foreign western country. I did my research on the internet, discussed with colleagues and friends and finally short listed couple of migration consultants, went to their offices and discussed with them both in detail with regards to my probabilities of achieving a pr to Aus or Canada. That is the time I met Mr. Jatin Virmani who was working at the Dubai branch then. I felt very much confident as he was straight forward, supportive, helpful and he was with me whenever I had a query and he explained the full process in detail and again I would say this pr journey is quite expensive and very much of a roller coaster ride. So I decided to start with Mr Jatin after brain storming. We worked together on the list of documents required and with his guidance I set up all the required docs within a duration of 6 months, gave my pte exams and unfortunately the pandemic menace showed up. Every border was shut down including Aus and NZ . Had to wait patiently for any update from Australian immigration for almost 2+ years. ?? was very much supportive and helpful during these trying times. Finally luck showered upon me in the form of 189 PR, which was least expected and again thanks to Jatin for his professional approach, I would say he is a thorough professional, i wish him all the very best in his career forward and I have personally recommended around 10-12 clients to him as I have known him and had worked with him since 2019... And around 8 people are pursuing their pr now. I would sincerely request every migrating aspirant to give these guys a try..

Noel Ben