Visitor Visato Canada

Visitor visa to Canada is one of the best route to visit Canada as a legal entrant, which allows a visitor only to explore the country and specific province or the city. A visitor will have to be eligible to meet the visitor visa requirement by showing the legit plan of visiting the places and the purpose to be explained well with sufficient evidence of finances to manage the expenses during the visit.

The visitor visas again can be categorized into different streams as follows:

  • Visitor Visa
  • Family Visit
  • Business Visit

Nonetheless, you should have minimum requirement to enter the country which could be checked at the port of entry such as:

  • Should have a valid travel document, such as a passport,
  • Be in good health, (No transferrable disease)
  • Should not have any criminal or immigration-related obligations,
  • Must convince an immigration officer that you have strong ties with your home or current country of residence.
  • Should provide proof of you leaving the country at the end of your visit, and
  • Have enough money for your stay.

NOTE: The amount of money you will need to carry may vary case to case specific and completely depends on things such as period of your stay, and the modes of accommodation like; hotel, with friends or relatives.

Some applicants aren’t allowed to come to Canada under regulations act of temporary immigration or in simple language, could be due to security, criminal or any other medical reasons which could be a threat to public safety or health.

A decision is solely lies with a Canadian immigration officer whether they allow you or not to enter Canada, if you are:

  • Applying for a visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or
  • Or when you arrive at a port of entry.

The timeline of application varies based upon the country you apply from as well as the documents requirement can change based upon your circumstances, country of nationality and the current location, from where you are applying.

For better chances of getting your visa to be done, please feel free to take an expert advice by booking a meeting slot.

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