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Are you looking for a destination with better climate, where you could have clear skies, plenty of sunshine and peace of mind. At the southern hemisphere it is situated with beautiful beaches, blue oceans, oldest tropical rain forest of the planet, beautiful waterfalls, red rock forests then you are looking at the correct page of PR Immigrations. Yes! You got me right, Australia is one of the favourite destination for the tourists, which not just allows a visitor to explore the country but also to live quality time with loved ones during the family visit. However, Australia’s few major cities like; Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth are known as best business destinations for commercial meetings, seminars and business sessions etc. A visitor will have to be eligible to meet the visitor visa requirement by showing the proper plan of visiting the places and the purpose to be explained well with sufficient evidence of finances to manage the expenses during the visit.

The visitor visas again can be categorised into different streams as follows:

a. Tourist/ Leisure Visa
b. Family Visit
c. Business Visit

Nonetheless, you should satisfy the minimum requirement to enter Australia:

  • Must be having genuine intentions of tourism.
  • Must convince a case officer that you have strong ties with your home or current country of residence.
  • Should have a valid travel document, such as a passport,
  • be in good health, (No transferrable disease)
  • Should not have any criminal or immigration-related obligations.
  • Should provide proof of you leaving the country at the end of your visit, and
  • Have enough of funds to support your stay.


The amount of money you will need to carry may vary case to case specific and completely depends on things such as period of your stay, and the modes of accommodation like; hotel, with friends or relatives.

If your application is not prepared well, then your visa could be denied or entry may be barred under regulations act of temporary immigration or in simple language; due to security, criminal or any other medical reasons which could be a threat to public health and safety. To stand more chances of success, recommend to apply your application with the help of our experts as they have come across with many complex cases and turned the refused applications into approvals in their attempts.

Though, we do not guarantee a visa but assure you the quality deliverables to stand with maximum chances of success. As the decision is solely lies with the Department of Home Affairs” to allow you to enter to Australia.

Now these days, Australian government are processing all sort of visas on very fastened mode, and we have seen the results are coming out within very short period. Though, Application timelines vary country to country you are applying from. Also, the documents requirement can change based upon your circumstances, country of nationality and the current location, from where you are applying. Please do not take risk with your application because every single mark on your passport or linked with, can make or break your passport value.

Quick Overview of the visa:

  • Validity of visa: Up to 12 months
  • Visa Fees: AUD $ 150
  • Processing time: 04 days till 35 days (Case to case).

For better chances of getting your visa to be done, please feel free to take an expert advice by booking a meeting slot.


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