An international student, who has completed a postgraduate study in Canada, which allow them to work in Canada up to three years based upon the program they have completed. By applying a PGWP, they won’t just get a Canadian exposure whilst working, but may also be eligible for Permanent residency after gaining local experience for at-least 12 months.

To be eligible for PGWP, one must:

  • Apply within 180 days of the completion of studies in Canada or before the expiry of study permit.
  • Studied for minimum 08 months at an eligible Designated learning institute of Canada.
  • Be holding transcripts and completion letter from your institute.
  • Maintain the status as Full-time student.
  • Obey the visa conditions and regulations or exit upon the visa expiry.
  • An applicant can apply under On-Campus, off – Campus, as a Co-Op student or an Intern.