Subclass 189 – Skilled Independent Visa

This is an Independent Subclass under Points Based system which allows an applicant and his/her immediate family members to live, work and stay indefinitely in any part of Australia as a Permanent Resident. This visa is valid for 05 years and helps in attaining all the advantages / social benefits like citizens except the voting rights, from the Federal govt. of Australia. To apply for an Australian citizenship, an applicant would be eligible if they comply with all the policies of becoming an Australia citizen as per the standards of federal government. The best thing about this visa subclass is; It doesn’t require an additional proof of funds to be shown. 

Subclass 190 – State Territory Nominated Visa

This is a State Nominated Subclass under Points Based Migration program which allows an applicant and their immediate family members to live, work in the specific state/ territory of Australia for minimum two (02) years, from where they receive a nomination. This is also a Permanent Residency Visa, valid for 05 years and help in attaining all the advantages /social benefits almost like citizens except the voting rights, from the state/ territorial government. Some of the states and territories want you to declare/ show the availability of funds for your initial settlement in Australia. After completion of 36 months (not less than 09 months in a year) in the 05 years of Permanent Residency program, one can apply for Citizenship, which allows a visa free to 109 and Visa on arrival to 57 and ETA to 06 countries worldwide. An Australian passport stands with 04th rank globally along with a Canadian passport.

Subclass 491 – Skilled Regional Work (Provisional) Visa

This is a Regional Nominated (Provisional Visa) Subclass under Points Based Skilled Migration program which allows an applicant and his/her immediate family members to live, work in the regional part of Australia. This is a Temporary Residency Visa, valid for 05 years and will be a pathway of Permanent Residency through subclass 191. Most of the regional authorities ask about the declaration of proof of funds either in the form of funds available in bank account or inclusively in solid and liquid forms. However, to comply with policy and to convert this temporary visa into Permanent one (Subclass 191), they need to live and work in Australian regional area for minimum 03 years out of five (05) years. Along with that, they also need to earn a minimum salary of AUD $70,000 annually for each year, up to three (03) years individually and they will be eligible to attain a PR. Under this subclass (491) the advantages / social benefit will be applicable i.e. Only health benefits to an applicant and the immediate family members.

How immigrations benefits Australia?

The answer is: Pandemic to cost Australia nearly 500,000 migrants.

  • Migrants are returning in droves after the COVID-19, but border closures will leave Australia's population older and smaller than predicted, a new report warns.
  • The Centre for Population's annual statement, to be released on Friday, will shed new light on the need of population.
  • COVID-19 will cost Australia nearly half a million migrants over the next four years.
  • Australia still faces "crippling" labour and skills shortages, exacerbated by the COVID- 19 pandemic.
  • A decade of migration policy chaos and under-investment in skills and training" under the former government.
  • While there are signs of recovery, the pandemic is still expected to cost Australia 473,000 migrants by 2025-26.

How does it help in changing life of an aspirant at same time?

  • Quality of life
  • Work-life balance
  • Wonderful Climate
  • Great Job Opportunities
  • Best average salaries in the world
  • Excellent Education System
  • A Family friendly & welcome culture
  • Best culture to grow your children.

To know more about the eligibility, case specific information to your profile, we recommend you to book an appointment with our experts and to get the clear picture on the probability of your skilled migration to Australia.


Eligibility & Point Tests

The minimum requirements to qualify for skilled migration:

Age: You should be under 45 years of age.
Work experience: Minimum 12 months of experience required. Sometimes, it varies as per skills assessment authorities.
Educational qualification: Depend upon your occupation code, it varies.
English language proficiency: Minimum 06 in each band of an IELTS as per DHA, which may again change as per your profile and points you gain to be eligible.
Partner’s Skills: If your spouse has a minimum bachelor degree and at least 01 years of work experience, they could contribute the points to boost your score in the Pool of application.
Studied or worked in Australia: Can obtain additional points.

Points are awarded for factors such as:

Factors on which your eligibility can be determined:

Higher Points
Up to 30 points
Up to 20 points
Up to 20 points
Up to 20 points
Up to 15 points
Up to 20 points
Up to 10 points
Up to 05 points